Sunday, 29 December 2013

8 Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is an expensive business.The clothes themselves can be expensive, if you don't shop around, but the biggest problem is that they grow out of them so quickly and need so many. However, buying baby clothes isn't just about lowest price. In Bunnys 8 Tips for buying baby clothes we give you a few more things to consider

1. Buy a larger size.
If you buy the exact size, baby will have grown out of the clothes before you know it so buy a bit bigger than you need.

2. Shop online
Your local store may have some great offers but consider also the cost of bus fare or petrol and the time taken out of your day to get there. Online stores also have some great offers and many now offer free delivery.You can shop at a time to suit you and can bookmark a page and browse whenever you have a few minutes spare (which is rare when you have a baby).

3. Plan ahead for the season
If you are buying before your baby is born, this is particularly important but also consider when the next change of season is. If it is just about to start getting warm there is probably no point in buying the wooly cardigan you spotted.

4. Consider how easy the item is to put on

Dressing baby can be a battle especially as they get older and stronger. One pieces outfits with poppers at the front are the easiest. Pull over the head outfits are more difficult although they are often the prettiest so maybe keep these for going out and when you want to show off your beautiful baby.

5. Always have spare clothes

Buy plenty of clothes and always take a spare set with you. Babies are experts at getting clothes dirty whether its from the top end or the bottom end. (Despite modern nappies being fairly good, babies somehow manage to leak occasionally)

6. Buy sets.

Sets are a great way of saving money, they also match and look so cute.For example with this Bebe Bonito 5 piece set you get a baby grow, hat, bib, mits and vest all for £9.99.

7. Hand Me Downs

Many family and friends may have kept baby clothes and will be happy to pass them on. As babys don't wear them for long they are usually in good condition.

8. Sell old baby clothes

When baby has grown out of them, you can sell their clothes. There are many local facebook pages where you can buy sell or swap baby clothes like this one in Essex. Alternatively, you can sell them on ebay but take into account the fees which you will have to pay even if the item does not sell.

This article was written by Crysta Burridge of Bunny Bumpkin Maternity, Nursing & Baby.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Kids Pyjamas - The Perfect Christmas Gift

What do you buy kids for Christmas? Its always a tricky one. These days kids have got so much. You don't want to buy something they already have or something they will play with once and never again.

Pyjamas are a safe bet. They will get plenty of wear out of them and pyjamas are no longer the boring option they used to be. My kids have a kids TV charachter on nearly all their pyjamas and they love them. There are so many charachter pyjamas and with multi channel TV there are also  hundreds of different childrens charachters available to chose from.

But which are the most popular? For boys, without doubt Disneys Jake and the Neverland Pirates is all the rage.

Although he has been around a while, Fireman Sam is still really popular with boys up to 5. An even older favourite is the famous comic book hero Spiderman.

But the coolest pyjamas of all for boys is without doubt Angry Birds. Boys seem to love Angry Birds as soon as they are able to start playing video games around aged 3 right up to age 10.

For the Girls Disneys Sofia the First is all the rage at the moment but the classic cartoon charachters are still as popular as ever. These Minnie Mouse Pyjamas are so cute its no surprise that they are a best seller.

For the little ones (up to 5 or 6) it has to be Peppa Pig


Which ever pyjamas you decide to go for, you can be sure the kids will love them and if someone has already bought them pyjamas don't worry because these charchters appear on lots of other products, like lunch boxes, drinks bottles, plates and cutlery.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Baby & Toddler Christmas Gifts

As there are less than 6 weeks to go to Christmas we thought we would help our customers with some Christmas gift ideas.

We have a range of gifts for babies and toddlers. These are just some of them. If there is something you fancy, just click on the hyperlinks under the picture for more details.

Our charachter lunch bags, boxes and drinks bottles are very popular. For fans of Disneys Jake and the Neverland Pirates, we have this Jake lunch bag and bottle.(Sold seperately)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Lunch Bag and Bottle

Little girls will love to take this Doc McStuffin lunch bag to nursey. There is also a matching bottle available.

Doc McStuffin Lunch Bag

Do you remember the muppets. Well they are back and as popular as ever again. How about this lunch bag featuring crazy muppets drummer Animal. WANT FOOD !
Muppets Lunch Bag

Its no surprise that this lunch bag is our best seller. Yes, it is the hugely popular angry birds.Your toddler will be the envy of the nursery with this one.
Angry Birds Lunch Bag

Another girls favourite is this Doc McStuffin Melamine set consisting of a plate bowl and tumbler.

Doc McStuffin Plate Tumbler and Bowl

There is also a cutlery set to match

Doc McStuffin Cutlery Set
What about something for babies though? How about these gorgeous 'My first Christmas bibs'. Very festive and a great way to mark that special first christmas.

'My First Christmas' Bibs

If your little one is just starting to use plates, this Xplory happy plate can make mealtimes fun. You can decorate the face with food to help encourage them to eat a range of food. By the way, spaghetti makes great hair.

Xplory Happy Plate
Also for baby is this set of bow headbands. She will look pretty as a picture in these.

Baby headbands
Keep babies feet nice and warm with these trendy Mocc Ons. Also available in pink
Baby Mocc Ons

These Hide and Squeak eggs are a great present for children from 12 months. Crack them open to reveal the press and cheep chicks,then match the egg bases to the right shape hole in the box.

Hide n Squeak eggs

We also have a choice of 30 teething bangles and necklaces. These are a great joint present because mum wears it as jewelry and baby uses it as a safe teether.

Teether Jewelry

This is just a small selection of gifts available from our website. We also have a page dedicated to personalised baby gifts.

Hope you have enjoyed browsing. Happy Christmas from Bunny Bumpkin.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to keep babies and toddlers safe

Having a new arrival in the house is a big worry. This little bundle of joy is completely dependent on you for their safety and well being. Its inevitable that accidents will happen and when they become toddlers, they will inevitably  get a few cuts and bruises as they learn to walk.But here are a few tips to help keep them safe.

New born Babies
Never leave a cat or dog alone with a baby. Although rare, dogs previously believed to be friendly have been known to maul a baby and cats may settle on the babies face for warmth.

Place newborn babies on their back in the cot as this has been found to reduce the incidents of cot death. For more cot death tips read this NHS article on cot death and how to prevent it. 

Crawling Babies
When your baby starts to crawl, watch out for anything they might pick up and put in their mouth that could be a choking hazard.

Also put child locks on all cupboards containing chemicals or medication.In fact both are best kept totally out of reach as older children may work out how to get past the child lock.

Fit child gates on stairs or anywhere that you do not want your child to go. Child gates can also be used to keep animals out of a babies room.

Once your baby starts walking you need to look out for any objects that may cause injury if they fall. Fireplace hearths can be particularly dangerous. Use this fire place edge guard to cover the hard edges.

Clevamama edgeguard available from Bunny Bumpkin.

Baby walkers are a great way to let your toddler practice walking without falling over.

Keep all outside doors locked. As soon as toddlers can reach the door handle they are likely to open the door and go out to explore.

Older children

Once they are walking, they are soon running and traffic can be a real danger. It is particularly difficult if you have more then one child. Use child harnesses or wrist links to prevent them wandering too far.

Backpack Harness and Rein 

Wrist link
Even with all the precautions, children will take a few knocks and its not unusual to have a least one trip to casualty for a few stitches or a check over in the early years. Don't feel guilty though as you can be sure that your child will not be the only one in the hospital waiting room.

You can find more great childrens health and safety products here

Sunday, 6 October 2013


If your baby seems to be crying a lot for no reason, he or she may be teething. As the teeth start to cut through the gums it can be quite painful for baby so its no surprise that they get grumpy.

Teething generally starts between 4 and 7 months but some babies start as young as 3 months. Some have even been known to be born with a tooth or two.

The bottom front teeth are often the first to appear and within a month or so the front upper teeth will start to appear.

Then the babys lower lateral incisors will appear followed by the molars (grinding teeth at the back) and finally the canines (sharp pointy teeth).

Irritability, dribbling and a tendency to chew anything they can get hold of (including you) are all signs of teething. It may affect their sleep and appetite.

Wipe your babies mouth regularly if they are dribbling otherwise it could lead to rash around the mouth.

Teething rings can help relieve some of the discomfort and help the teeth break through the gums.

There are all sorts of teething rings available including rings that can be kept in the fridge so that they are cold and soothing on the babies gums.


There are also a wide range of teething necklaces and bracelets available which mum can wear around her neck or wrist. This means babys' teether is always available and doesn’t get lost. It is also handy if baby has started biting. Encourage her to bite on the teething necklace rather than mum.

teething necklace

Beware of cheap teethers. Buy a reputable make like Gummigem. Cheap teethers may seem attractive but you don't know what they are made of and be particularly careful of cheap teethers with objects inside. If they break they can be a choking hazard.

Once the teeth start coming through you will need to start looking after them. Baby and toddler toothpastes are readily available from shops like Boots the chemist.

Even before the first teeth appear you can help keep babies gums and palate clean with products like these Oral Care rabbits.

oral care rabbits

This also helps babies get used to the idea of having their teeth cleaned.

Establishing patterns of good oral hygiene as a baby will help your child have a full set of healthy teeth for the rest of their life.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to stay healthy when pregnant

If you have not looked after your body before, when you are pregnant it is an important time to start. You now have two people to look after whose health is closely intertwined. Here are some tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Regular Check Ups
In the UK, the National Health Service provide excellent pre natal care. Many other countries have similar programmes. As soon as you get a positive pregnancy test result, make an appointment with your doctor. Once confirmed, your doctor will set the pre-natal care programme in motion.

You will usually be asked to attend your first check with the midwife at 6-8 weeks. Make sure you don’t miss it. Not only will they review your medical history to see if you will need any special monitoring or treatment, they will also provide you with a lot of useful information about your pregnancy.

This will be your first of many visits to or from your midwife. It varies between health authorities but typically you can expect to see your midwife every 4 weeks during the second trimester and every two weeks in the third trimester. She will check your weight, blood pressure, how you are feeling and occasionally will take a urine sample. 

In the UK you will also be sent for an ultrasound scan between 8 and 14 weeks and another one between 18 to 21 weeks.
maternity nursing and baby clothes
The one stop online shop for mums and mums to be
The saying ‘eating for two’ when you are pregnant does not mean that you need to eat twice as much. However the average mum of a healthy weight carrying one child does need to eat around 300 calories more per day. 

A nutritious balanced diet is important to ensure your baby gets everything they need. Lean meat and low fat dairy products for the protein and calcium, fruit and veg for the vitamins and minerals and whole grain bread and cereals for the fibre and carbs.

Your GP/Midwife may also recommend supplements such as calcium, iron and folic acid. In the UK folic acid is recommended for all pregnant women. Iron and calcium supplements are normally only given if your doctor detects that your levels are low.

Research shows that taking folic acid 1 month before pregnancy and during the first 3 months of pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects by 70%. Neural tube defects can cause problems like spina bifida in children.

Extra calcium is needed because of the calcium loss in your bones during pregnancy. In addition to the foods already mentioned, spinach, broccoli , tofu, almonds and orange juice are good sources of calcium.

The body needs extra iron during pregnancy to make the haemoglobin which helps carry oxygen through the blood. Red meat, eggs, dark poultry, tofu, leafy vegetables and salmon are good sources of iron. Some breakfast cereals are also fortified with iron.

It is also necessary to drink plenty of water when pregnant. The baby, placenta and the amniotic fluid all require plenty of water. Your body also contains a lot more blood when pregnant so needs more fluid. 

Of course there are also a lot of types of food that you need to avoid and that in itself is a minefield. We have another blog specifically on this subject that will help you.

Your body needs exercise to stay healthy. Not only does it help your heart, lungs and blood pressure but it also works your lymphatic system which is important for fending off disease.
When you are pregnant you still need exercise. It avoids excessive weight gain and will help prevent back pain, swelling and constipation. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is recommended. Being fit can also help make labour easier and recovery time less. Swimming,walking and yoga are all suitable exercises when pregnant.

Maternity Swimwear from Bunny Bumpkin

Pregnancy, especially in the latter stages can leave you feeling exhausted so be sure to get plenty of sleep. Try to get a few naps in the day also if you can.

Of course there are no guarantees, but looking after yourself when pregnant gives you a better chance of a smoother, healthier pregnancy.

Of course pregnancy is still no easy ride and if you want to know more about some of the common complaints of pregnancy read our blog on that subject.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks is the subject of todays blog from Bunny Bumpkin.

When you have a baby your little bundle of joy is not the only permanent reminder of your pregnancy. Stretch marks affect 90 per cent of women. The severity of stretch marks varies considerably. They don't only appear on the stomach. They can appear on the buttocks, thighs and breasts also. You may not be able to prevent stretch marks altogether but there are some things you can do to reduce the severity of them

There are all sorts of potions and lotions that claim to stop stretch marks but any good moisturiser containing vitamin E will help. However you must apply them every day to make sure your skin is always moist. Don't give up even if you start to see stretch marks appearing.In fact it is even more important to keep applying when the stretch marks appear.

Eating healthily and keeping fit can also help your skin. You shouldn't put on more than 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water also keeps the skin healthy. Dry skin will almost certainly lead to stretch marks.

If you have had children before your chances of stretch marks is higher because your skin has already been stretched before.Twins or large babies can also make them worse.

Start with the creams as early as possible, even before you start feeling the skin beginning to stretch.

You may be horrified by the sight of your stretch marks after birth but don't worry, they do fade with time. Some women do opt for laser removal but it is a lot cheaper to accept them as part of being a mother. A dermatologist will be able to advise you on possible treatments if you decide to go that route.But think of them of them as a badge of achievement. This infographic says it all. We posted this on facebook  and tumblr and are pleased to say that we had loads of shares from mums who are proud of their stretch marks. So be proud of yours.

For most mums though, stretch marks become the least of your worries. Having a child is a full time occupation. It is tiring and stressful but hugely rewarding. You will probably forget all about the stretch marks very quickly.

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