Sunday, 29 December 2013

8 Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is an expensive business.The clothes themselves can be expensive, if you don't shop around, but the biggest problem is that they grow out of them so quickly and need so many. However, buying baby clothes isn't just about lowest price. In Bunnys 8 Tips for buying baby clothes we give you a few more things to consider

1. Buy a larger size.
If you buy the exact size, baby will have grown out of the clothes before you know it so buy a bit bigger than you need.

2. Shop online
Your local store may have some great offers but consider also the cost of bus fare or petrol and the time taken out of your day to get there. Online stores also have some great offers and many now offer free delivery.You can shop at a time to suit you and can bookmark a page and browse whenever you have a few minutes spare (which is rare when you have a baby).

3. Plan ahead for the season
If you are buying before your baby is born, this is particularly important but also consider when the next change of season is. If it is just about to start getting warm there is probably no point in buying the wooly cardigan you spotted.

4. Consider how easy the item is to put on

Dressing baby can be a battle especially as they get older and stronger. One pieces outfits with poppers at the front are the easiest. Pull over the head outfits are more difficult although they are often the prettiest so maybe keep these for going out and when you want to show off your beautiful baby.

5. Always have spare clothes

Buy plenty of clothes and always take a spare set with you. Babies are experts at getting clothes dirty whether its from the top end or the bottom end. (Despite modern nappies being fairly good, babies somehow manage to leak occasionally)

6. Buy sets.

Sets are a great way of saving money, they also match and look so cute.For example with this Bebe Bonito 5 piece set you get a baby grow, hat, bib, mits and vest all for £9.99.

7. Hand Me Downs

Many family and friends may have kept baby clothes and will be happy to pass them on. As babys don't wear them for long they are usually in good condition.

8. Sell old baby clothes

When baby has grown out of them, you can sell their clothes. There are many local facebook pages where you can buy sell or swap baby clothes like this one in Essex. Alternatively, you can sell them on ebay but take into account the fees which you will have to pay even if the item does not sell.

This article was written by Crysta Burridge of Bunny Bumpkin Maternity, Nursing & Baby.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Kids Pyjamas - The Perfect Christmas Gift

What do you buy kids for Christmas? Its always a tricky one. These days kids have got so much. You don't want to buy something they already have or something they will play with once and never again.

Pyjamas are a safe bet. They will get plenty of wear out of them and pyjamas are no longer the boring option they used to be. My kids have a kids TV charachter on nearly all their pyjamas and they love them. There are so many charachter pyjamas and with multi channel TV there are also  hundreds of different childrens charachters available to chose from.

But which are the most popular? For boys, without doubt Disneys Jake and the Neverland Pirates is all the rage.

Although he has been around a while, Fireman Sam is still really popular with boys up to 5. An even older favourite is the famous comic book hero Spiderman.

But the coolest pyjamas of all for boys is without doubt Angry Birds. Boys seem to love Angry Birds as soon as they are able to start playing video games around aged 3 right up to age 10.

For the Girls Disneys Sofia the First is all the rage at the moment but the classic cartoon charachters are still as popular as ever. These Minnie Mouse Pyjamas are so cute its no surprise that they are a best seller.

For the little ones (up to 5 or 6) it has to be Peppa Pig


Which ever pyjamas you decide to go for, you can be sure the kids will love them and if someone has already bought them pyjamas don't worry because these charchters appear on lots of other products, like lunch boxes, drinks bottles, plates and cutlery.