Sunday, 25 August 2013

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks is the subject of todays blog from Bunny Bumpkin.

When you have a baby your little bundle of joy is not the only permanent reminder of your pregnancy. Stretch marks affect 90 per cent of women. The severity of stretch marks varies considerably. They don't only appear on the stomach. They can appear on the buttocks, thighs and breasts also. You may not be able to prevent stretch marks altogether but there are some things you can do to reduce the severity of them

There are all sorts of potions and lotions that claim to stop stretch marks but any good moisturiser containing vitamin E will help. However you must apply them every day to make sure your skin is always moist. Don't give up even if you start to see stretch marks appearing.In fact it is even more important to keep applying when the stretch marks appear.

Eating healthily and keeping fit can also help your skin. You shouldn't put on more than 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water also keeps the skin healthy. Dry skin will almost certainly lead to stretch marks.

If you have had children before your chances of stretch marks is higher because your skin has already been stretched before.Twins or large babies can also make them worse.

Start with the creams as early as possible, even before you start feeling the skin beginning to stretch.

You may be horrified by the sight of your stretch marks after birth but don't worry, they do fade with time. Some women do opt for laser removal but it is a lot cheaper to accept them as part of being a mother. A dermatologist will be able to advise you on possible treatments if you decide to go that route.But think of them of them as a badge of achievement. This infographic says it all. We posted this on facebook  and tumblr and are pleased to say that we had loads of shares from mums who are proud of their stretch marks. So be proud of yours.

For most mums though, stretch marks become the least of your worries. Having a child is a full time occupation. It is tiring and stressful but hugely rewarding. You will probably forget all about the stretch marks very quickly.

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